Custom Control Panels

If you have a fire alarm or a security system installed on your property, a custom control panel is a necessity. Custom control panel installation, will allow you to control every aspect of your fire or security system from one centralized location. Trust the team at Spectrum LLC to evaluate your systems and provide you with the right custom control panel design for your specific building in Salt Lake City, UT and surrounding areas.

Custom Control Panel Design

Spectrum LLC can create custom control panels in just about any size, shape, or configuration and for any purpose at all. The system we put together for you can be interconnected via conduit to a single head end location or to multiple locations if necessary. We use a combination of custom-built PCBs, high-quality switches, and ribbon cables to create print circuit boards that are then mounted on the back of your panel, as part of your custom control panel design.

Custom Control Panel Manufacturing

Our team can provide you with expert installation of your custom control panel system in Murray, UT and the surrounding Salt Lake Valley area. We can also attach directional microphones and high-end speakers to your custom control panel so that you can communicate to field intercom stations scattered throughout your facility.

While many businesses focus on picking out the right fire alarm systems and security systems for their buildings, choosing the right custom control panel design is just as important. Spectrum LLC can help you create and install a custom control panel that will put you in complete control of your building’s systems.

Give Spectrum LLC a call at 801-266-1843 to start planning your custom control panel design with our team today.