Card Access Systems

Do you want to keep a closer eye on who is coming and going from your commercial building on a daily basis?

Spectrum LLC are experts in building security in Murray, Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. We suggest installing a card access system to restrict the access people have not only to your building, but to individual rooms located within.

Enhance Your Building Security with a Card Access System

Spectrum LLC can install a card access system for you that will make your employees feel safer and lessen the risk of theft.

Our card access systems rely on self-contained systems and card readers, to keep your building safe. The systems that we use give you control over your building at all times and effectively improving the security of your building and overall property. You can lock and unlock doors through the use of special key cards, investigate system events at any time, and display controller information from anywhere in the world. We use preassembled units as part of our building security systems to keep them simple, while still allowing them to be effective.

A Building Security System that Puts You Back in Control

If you feel as though you don’t have enough control over the security of your business currently, installing one of our building security systems, will put you back in the driver’s seat. Our card access systems will make your security issues a thing of the past and give you peace of mind with your commercial property.

Call Spectrum LLC at 801-266-1843 today to learn how you can take advantage of our building security systems and card access systems in Murray, Salt Lake City, and the surrounding areas.