CCTV System

With the help of Spectrum LLC, installing a CCTV system will not only enhance your building security, but help you keep a closer eye on what’s taking place on your residential or commercial property.

Advantages of a Closed-Circuit TV System

With a CCTV system, the signals from the various cameras we set up will be sent directly to private monitors in your home or business that you can use for surveillance of the property. If something is ever stolen or you ever suspect a break-in, you can refer to your CCTV system to see exactly what happened.

There are two categories of cameras; stationary or moving. Stationary cameras are pointed at a specific scene of interest, while a PTZ, or moving camera, can be moved in any particular direction at the push of a button, following an object of interest over a large area, if need be.

Any of these cameras come exposed or contained within a variety of enclosures. They will meet the specific requirements of each site, such as discreteness or vandal resistance. Some systems are also created specifically for use during low-light or night operations.

Expert CCTV System Installation

The key to installing an effective CCTV system is positioning the cameras properly throughout your home or business, and ensuring that they stay connected to your monitors at all times.

The highly skilled technicians at Spectrum LLC will install a closed-circuit TV system on your property and verify that it is functioning properly after installation. This will ensure that your cameras are set up in the most efficient way possible and, more importantly, that those cameras are rolling at the right times, saving recordings for you to play back later, if necessary.

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